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The User Experience Cosmos, a cartesian representation of our field.

a detail of the mess around IA and usability

Some time ago, as a result of my conversations with my friend and colleague Marco van Hout, I came up with the idea of appliying the cartesian model to this User Experience world of us:

what if we could use a north-south axis to represent the duality between the digital and the analog, and also use an east-west axis to articulate the the duality between the emotional and the rational? Once represented, we could place in this territory anything we could come up with: people, resources, disciplines, webs or products.

The experiment became a document named The User Experience Cosmos. As in ancient maps, this is a rather subjective and personal representation of the territory. Therefore, next would be to invite anyone to create its own representation.

Even thou this is an idea with a signature, anyone is free to use this model for his own purposes if the original version and his author (Javier Cañada) are refered.


Eduardo Moratinos is working on a version of the User Experience Cosmos that will run on Flash and will contain some interactive features. Meanwhile, we have to be content with the pdf version.

Comment on the User Experience Cosmos are very welcome and will be considered for eventual future versions. is a weblog written in spanish. This post was originally published under the title "El User Experience Cosmos, una representación cartesiana de nuestro sector".


January 15, 2004